Subaru Lease Return Center

Subaru Lease Return Center

Explore your Subaru End of Lease Options with a Designation Return Specialist here at CitySide Subaru, Your Authorized Subaru Leasing Return Center in Belmont, MA

As an authorized Subaru leasing return center in Belmont, MA, CitySide Subaru can handle your lease return the right way. By that we mean we can handle the end-of-lease process for any Subaru vehicle, regardless of where you signed the contract, and help you weigh all of your options so you can transition into the next phase of your leasing experience both smoothly and smartly.

Investing in a new Subaru doesn't have to be a long-term financial burden. Leasing is a great way to drive home in your dream car for little to no money down and with small monthly payments. And even though you don't own the vehicle, leasing provides Boston, Cambridge, Natick, Newton and Wakefield area drivers with exciting options.

When your lease expires, your designated return specialist will walk you through the next steps and help you decide which avenue is right for you. We also have the professional Subaru technicians that can do a thorough pre-inspection to catch any wear or tears that should be addressed before closing out your agreement.

Here are a few opportunities you can take advantage of with Subaru lease returns:

  • Start a new lease by trading in your current car for a later model year or a new vehicle altogether. Ask about our current lease specials to find out about your trade-in opportunities.
  • Return your leased vehicle and close out your agreement. Don't worry you're not burning any bridges, and we'll be happy to help you explore your leasing options again in the future.
  • Renew the contract and return home the leased vehicle you already know you love.
  • Certify your leased vehicle and purchase it, gaining access to exclusive Certified Pre-owned Subaru benefits like new-car financing rates, additional warranties, roadside assistance, and more.

We encourage you to make an appointment for an early or end-of-lease return at 888-712-0869. Feel free to reach out to us for instructions on how to prepare for your lease return, such as by bringing all relevant paperwork, and the leased vehicle's car manuals and keys with you to your appointment.

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