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What Happens when you Pit the Subaru Outback against a Luxury Vehicle? See How the AWD Crossover Wagon Measure Up

Luxury doesn't always come with a luxury brand. If you prefer to be pampered in ample accommodations and irrefutable off-road capability, you're looking for the affordable luxury of the off-road-ready Subaru Outback. This crossover wagon offer above-average capabilities for its class, delivering competent and surefooted performance right out of the gate. The Outback's rival simply can't compete with that kind of cost-effective skill - not even the Volvo V60. Keep reading for details on how the down-to-earth Outback outdoes the lavish V60:

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The Subaru Outback versus the Volvo V60

  • Needless to say, it all comes down to price, and the Outback adds up to be over $10k less than the base V60. It's that simple.
  • And even with that low starting cost, the Outback comes standard with more capability, thanks in part to a standard Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system. AWD is only an option on V60 and requires drivers pay more for it.
  • Even with AWD, the Outback stays pretty competitive with the V60's fuel efficiency, sacrificing very little for a lot more off-road capability.
  • Did we mention the Outback is capable? If you didn't already know, its standard setup gives shoppers a pretty good indication of where the Outback's priorities lie. It comes with a standard roof rack rails with integral crossbars for more cargo-carrying versatility. You have to pay more for roof rails with the V60.
  • Like we've hammered home, the Outback is more off-road oriented with plenty of light-duty trail-running capability right out of the gate. The V60 requires drivers to pay more for all-terrain skills with an entirely separate, more expensive model.
  • The Outback also offers much more space than the V60 thanks to a longer and taller frame. The Outback boasts more overall passenger room as well as over 30 cubic feet more max cargo space than the V60.


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