Is Your Subaru Ready For Winter? Stop By Cityside Subaru Today

Drivers from all over Boston know very well that when winter comes a lot of snow comes with it. Which is just one of many reasons that there are so many Subaru's on the road because only a Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive will get you home regardless of how much it snows. Even though Subaru's are made to play in the snow they will need a quick visit to our service center to ensure they are ready for everything winter throws your way.

Whether you love or hate winter, it comes all the same and there are a few winter specific service items your Subaru will need to help you make the most of winter. The most important service that your Subaru will need if you haven't taken care of it already will be to put on winter tires. Unlike summer tires, winter tires can handle the freezing temperatures of winter and will provide maximum traction with specialized treading and deep grooves. All-Season tires are also a great option for Belmont, MA drivers who don't want to purchase two sets of tires and we will carefully inspect them to ensure ideal treed depth for winter driving. Other checklist items that will go a long way to helping your Subaru deliver its legendary performance this winter include;

  • brake inspection and service
  • tire rotation and wheel alignment
  • exterior light check/replacement
  • top off washer fluid
  • replace wiper blades
  • AC/Heating system check
  • battery test/replacement

Give the Cityside Subaru service center a call today to set up a time to bring your Subaru in for winter service. You can also easily make an appointment online.

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